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The Unclassical Musician

Mar 16, 2021

It's tax season... 

Not my personal fave because it means my CPA fiancee is working non-stop. But this does put me in a unique position to offer some insights I've gleaned about my taxes since hanging out with an accountant! 

This episode is basically taxes 101 for self-employed musicians. I hope the info in this episode helps to ease some unease when it comes to filing and paying your taxes with multiple income streams-- especially if you are doing it for the first time! 

In this episode:

~Invest in software that helps you save time and money-- like MyMusicStaff

~What qualifies as business expenses for musicians and why they're important 

~Paying taxes annually v. quarterly 

Next week we are doing our first-ever re-broadcast show! Bringing back episode 10: Pivoting online and virtual networking for musicians. If you haven't listen yet, now is the time! 


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