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The Unclassical Musician

Apr 20, 2021

Katie Velasquez is another flutist with Texas connections! Originally from Austin, Katie is now the principal flutist of the Missouri Symphony, and the Artistic Director of the Virtual Flute Music Festival! Katie has a very impressive background in orchestra performance and has killed it in many national competitions. Perhaps one of her most impressive feats is starting her own VIRTUAL flute and piccolo festivals featuring top names in the flute world. The truly unique aspect of this festival is the strong focus on empowering the artist through courageous thinking and mindset training. I wanted to get Katie on the podcast to talk more about her festival because the application will be closing MAY 1ST! That’s coming up! So non-flutists, maybe put your cross-disciplinary hats on for this convo about all the mental work behind bringing your most inspired self to your performances.

In this episode:

  • How Katie has been able to stay inspired during the pandemic
  • The inspriation behind the festival
  • How and why mindset is a key part of the festival 

If you are looking for my interview with Katherine Emeneth, that episode will be airing next week-- stay tuned! 


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