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The Unclassical Musician

May 25, 2021

Last installment of mental health awareness month!

I wanted to ask New World flutist Leah Stevens to come on the show during mental health month because I have admired how transparent she is about her mental health struggles online. In addition to performing with the New World Symphony, she has served as principal flute with The Orchestra Now and substituted with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Quad Cities Symphony, South Bend Symphony, and the Lexington Philharmonic. Leah has also won First Prize in the Orchestral Audition and Masterclass and Second Prize in the Piccolo Orchestral Audition and Masterclass at the 2017 National Flute Association Convention.

In this episode:

  • How music school is a contributing factor to a decline in mental health
  • How depression and anxiety affect everyday musician tasks 
  • Social media as an accountability buddy 

Taking a break next week, but we'll be back in June with musicians who podcast! Stay tuned! 


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