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The Unclassical Musician

Mar 30, 2021

I am so stoked today to bring you this conversation with the queen of social media marketing for musicians—Nicole Riccardo. Nicole learned industry secrets around utilizing social media for marketing during her 9-5 job. These skills eventually allowed her to quit her job and start working for herself. Nicole now runs her own online media marketing agency- NR Media— and she does it all. Branding, web design, business coaching, marketing courses, you name it she does it. Did I mention she is also a flutist???

Stay tuned all the way to the end of our conversation to learn more about an exciting upcoming live event with Nicole exclusively for Unclassical listeners! (or just jump down to the links ;) )

In this episode:

  • Finding confidence to be your authentic self online 
  • Nicole's top 3 necessities for musicians to market themselves online 
  • How to stand out on saturated social platforms 

Join Tori and Nicole on Friday April 9 @ 11am CDT for a FREE live online event all about how to sell-out your offers on Instagram EXCLUSIVELY for Unclassical listeners!

In this class:

  • You’ll get copy and paste access to Nicole's entire 4-step sell out your offer system that will guide you to creating consistent income from Instagram
  • We’re going over the proven framework that takes the guesswork out of scaling your business (without having to be chained to your phone all day).
  • The 3 BIG mistakes you’re making that are keeping you stuck, tired and overwhelmed in your business.
  • How to build a backend sales system that automates your entire business so you can work less and make more!

Reserve your spot in the live training here!

I better see you there ;) 


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