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The Unclassical Musician

Mar 9, 2021

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this week's show! This show format is a unique Q&A/"Ask me anything" that will now be reserved exclusively for Patreon supporters in the future. If you enjoy this show format, be sure to check out The Unclassical Musician on Patreon!

In show order:

"Would you care to share your experience on region/district band auditions in Texas vs. Illinois? The benefits and pitfalls of both states, like how the whole process works." ~Shaina Goodson, trumpet 

"What was your experience at DePaul like?" ~Kiara Eijo, flute 

"What has been your evolution of flutes? What flutes have you played on over the years?"~Kiara Eijo, flute 

"What do you love about your [flute] setup? What led you to pick the instrument you have?"~Karina Eijo, flute 

"What do you do when a student literally refuses to practice? (7th grader)" ~Paula Mims, flute 

Up next week: It's TAX Time with Robby Yaussy


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