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The Unclassical Musician

May 18, 2021

Continuing with Mental Health Awareness Month on the podcast...

This week we have Rusty Holmes-- french horn player, teacher, and motivational speaker based in Austin, TX. In addition to being in the private teaching scene, Rusty plays in many orchestras in central Texas. During the pandemic, he developed his Musican's System for Success mental fitness lecture and has delivered it over 20 times.  Rusty is a huge advocate for journaling, gratitude, and challenging yourself! If you aren't motivated to get off your butt and do something awesome after listening to this episode... 

In this episde:

  • What is self-efficacy and how is it different than self-confidence?
  • Mental fitness routine for musicians
  • Journaling 101! 

Stay tuned next week as we wrap up our mental health series with New World Symphony flutist Leah Stevens on her personal struggles with mental health both in and out of the pandemic. 


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